Trying a new tactic in Photography | MHT Spotting 7-18-2019

Hi everyone, and a happy Thursday to all!
This morning, I went to MHT to spot the Delta Airlines A320 to Atlanta. I decided to try new photoshoots, and so I wanted to know how you guys think it came out. Thank you!

Camera: Canon SX60 HS

Southwest’s Arizona One going to KMDW

Southwest 737-700 going to BWI

Delta Airlines A320 heading to ATL

Delta Connection (Endeavor Air) CRJ200 heading to LGA

American Eagle (PSA Airlines) CRJ900 going to CLT

UPS A300 heading to SDF

Bonus Photo

Arizona One heading to the runway.

What do you think, and let me know about how they came out.

This was taken Without a Tripod


They all look amazing to me! Nice shots.


Thank you, this is my very first time taking these types of pictures :)


That Arizona livery for Southwest is a great catch. I really do love the angle of the other aircrafts. I hope you enjoyed the day at Manchester-Boston.

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I’m actually going to head back to MHT, as we’re going to be getting a lot of Private Jets due to the Nascar race this weekend.

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Great Photos! The first 6(?) look rather dark, I’m not exactly sure why. I think you might’ve not been shooting with the sun behind you, which could’ve made it darker. If that is the case, maybe take the photo when the plane is on the right of you. Maybe someone more qualified can offer a better explanation than mine.

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I think he was going for that kind of look (or it just happened to turn out like that?). They’re dark probably due to settings in the camera, but honestly it might look better like that. A brighter photo with those clouds might look like a plane on a white canvas.


These were taken very early in the morning, 6 in the morning to be exact. I stayed until around 7:20am and left.

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Those are awesome! You’re trying a great method and succeeding.

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I think Arizona One is the money shot :)


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