Try to Help Translate!

This applies to all “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” Respect.

Quite rude.

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Sorry for speaking truth everyone.

Wasn’t even talking to you soo -_-

I didn’t mean to reply to you sorry bout that @SirMS

We welcome ppl from all culture on this forum. It is important for us to be welcoming if we want the community to thrive. If you see posts in other languages and speak that language, be kind and help the poster figure things out in a private conversation.

If we see the need for categories in specific languages, we will add them.


Respect for the commitment. Good idea ! Finally practical help, help the language barrier to overcome, and helps to understand the rules. The customers /users who do not knowing the English language perfectly contribute to the maintenance of IF.
… sometimes better, sometimes worse.
It is only by working together.


Pour les francophones, je viens de créer ceci : French translation of ATC usage guide for pilot {Traduction française des guides d'usage de l'ATC pour les pilotes}


They most certainly should not…

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Your English is so good I didn’t even notice! What is your first language?

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French is my main language and I can easily understand english (Just my writing is bad!). I’am actually working on a website with French Translation.


Oh yeah ! I have the same problem, read and understand are not a problem. But writing is bad. And the Google Translater is more a word mixer. Sometimes strange sentences.

Then why did you say you were rubbish?

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Yep, It tends to just translate words without understanding the context they are being used in. :)

Perhaps we can find some people to translate specifically the New Pilots tutorial?

(Not that this has anything to do with the fact that I wrote it… :P )


Me and @grxninesix have create a project for all people speak french…

If you speak french go here :