Try not to laugh or grin - Aviation Style

Only people who don’t understand aviation won’t laugh hahaha

Honestly that Airbus Airbus Airbus part… 😂


Found This Hilarious One! (But sad, once you see the airplane getting hurt)


Wow that southwest rap went hard af

That was amazing … His “rap”

That was easy.

Schieße! Is where I lost.

I didn’t think I would laugh at all, but 10:43 to 10:48 really got me… 😂😂😂😂

1:30 Boeing 747 race

Very funny
Contains a few things you might not want to see.
Watch at your own risk. Paste link into new tab.

LOL I was wondering what is SALIDA

Oh and nice plane! xD

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Ha love the final minute

Airbus Airbus Airbus or DIY? xD

10:43-10:48 were the parts where I actually didn’t laugh.

In pretty surprised this thread isn’t active

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