Try EGSX (North Weald) with an A320

North Weald is 10 mins away from me and it can take a320s although it is a small airfield do you think this could be true IRL?
I guess it is just too sad there is no waypoints to use when taking off and landing



I’m not sure I understand you, are you requesting something or are you stating we should have waypoints at this air field…

It’s just a little thing I have found you can do

Oh I see nice :)

If you like a challenging approach, with no or little waypoints, try YORG in Sydney region. I have managed to squeeze a A318 on and off, however a Dash8 is a bit more comfortable and IRL Qantaslink run Dash8 in and out of there a couple of times a week (so has been included on the Qantas Virtual timetable… sorts out the men form the boys!)

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