Truth or Dare:IF version

Hello IFC,

This is a thread where you play truth or dear IF only If you don’t know how to play truth or dare you can follow the example Below :)

Me:Truth or dare
Me:I dare you to cruise at 50,000ft
Either you accept or you deny.
Please no Dareing to troll or anything like that :)

Isn’t this the same sort of thing?

I think not, this is asking the people to actually do the activities suggested in this thread.


Yes your asking people to do the activities

Haha this is cool topic 😂

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Interesting topic… but how are you going to know if we did the dare or not?

Show a pic for proof



This is a flight sim community, not a casual chat room. We already have too many topics that create little to no discussion. Go to the thread linked above to post your “Truth or Dare” questions.

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That’s funny
I’m sure that it’ll spice up our experience

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So we are not allowed to discuss stuff about the topic?

I mean I don’t want it to get to the point where people are trolling but I will be on the look out

Is it true that people “butter” their landings? I think not. They grease their landings. 😜

Let’s keep this in the “would you rather topic”. We don’t want to have multiple topics in similar nature to this. Thanks. 🙂