Trust Levels

They need have àStatus bar of trust Levels how close are you getting to the next level Discourse on their website



The Infinite Flight Community has set different requirements than that of Discourse (and the Meta forum).

As a result, this “tracker” won’t work.

Thanks for your understanding!


Adding to this, the reason that they’ve chose to keep these requirements secret is to prevent trust level farming. A tracker would defeat that purpose.

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And just for future reference you do not have to create multiple topics for the same thing and withdraw them to change the category, you can either edit your topic to change the category yourself or ask a moderator to do it for you.

TL3s can change category as well, as long as it isn’t to #ground-school:community-tutorials or #real-world-aviation

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I found it just want to know how can you tell you can you closer to the next level up in trust level

You cant. You just have too keep being involved in the community, and soon enough, you’ll be TL2

And I also need help getting back to Trust Level 2

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