Trust levels

Can someone give a list to me of all the trust levels in order? I’m just really curious to see where I’m at

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TL1 = Basic
TL2 = Member
TL3 = Regular
TL4 = Leader

@Rilej_aviation, you’re a member. You have TL2. Trust Level 2.

Oh right thanks for that info ;)

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Oh, and as @Qantas094 just told me, I forget that there’s TL0. TL0 is new user.

Ok cool I’ll remember that

On a more slight detail:

TL0 (New User): Brand new user
TL1 (Basic User): Has spent some time on the forum, enough to basically understand it.
TL2 (Member): Been part of the community for a little while. Getting to terms with all the features and topics.
TL3 (Regular): A devoted member of the community, role models sort of, responsible for giving the mini jobs of moderators, such as changing categories and titles.

TL4 (Leader): Can open and close topics, and do much more topic control. Moderator abilites are a separate group, (there is no required TL for that) but have control of users profile management, can delete posts, send users warning and suspended them. Can also change their TL manually. TL4 is manually given to you.

Answered, thanks for the help everyone 😉