Trust levels


I was reading about trust levels to see what I had to do to get to TL2, and the only requirement I am missing is enter 20 topics. By enter, does it mean post 20 new topics, or go into 20 topics?



Pretty sure it means just enter 20 of them, just note it’s not the official requirement on here and is different.

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Oh, what is the official requirement?

It’s not disclosed publicly


Ah. Alright. Thanks!

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I guess the mods will close this, bye!

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If you work within the IFC (by not trolling) and read topics, like comments, or engage in them you should be able to bump up trust levels. Just stay engaged and don’t cause trouble. Best advise I can give at the moment :)

Yeah that’s what I have been doing. I don’t really find a point in trolling.

This should help :)

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Thank you!