Trust levels

Hi there, do the trust levels upgrade by themselves? Or do I have to do something? I have reached the requirements for TL2, but I can’t seem to gain it. Any advice is appreciated!


Tl0, TL1, TL2 are automatic. You just need to be active and comment etc… It shouldnt take longer than a week or 2 if you stay active. TL3 - regular is hand picked by the mods.

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How about you read this :)


Thank you!

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As of my knowledge, you rank up to TL3 by being active. Some people are ranked up by mods and have a TL3 lock as they need the “regular” tag adjusted for something else. @tomthetank for example is TL3, but his tag is “Fly-by-Wire Developer.


Wondered this myself, thanks for posting!

If the tag is what you’re talking about, I’m pretty sure mods can attach tags to any user, even if they aren’t TL3

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Next time, search, i know you’re new here, but the best way to not clog our community with “How to get TL…” is to search, there are answers everywhere! :)

3 Likes will upgrade by themselves.

Except I have far surpassed the requirements! Take a look!

The trust levels for our community are different to those set by discourse. All you need to know is explained here by Seb, Why have I not reached TL* yet?