Trust Level

Yesterday I was awarded member badge and suddenly today it shows I am back into basic user. How come it can Change.

Support is for app issues - not forum ones. Move to Meta for you.

I’m not seeing anything regarding you becoming TL2 at any point. Where did you see you were “awarded” member?

Yesterday I received the badge member. Today I can’t see it.

Yesterday I was awarded and today I am doendgraded

Will look into this further and get back to you. It’s odd that you’d be awarded it and have it stripped the next day.

Please hang tight. Thanks!

Thanks a lot. Please look into it.

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When you get promoted, you’ll get a message from @system saying you’ve been promoted. Do you/have you gotten anything of the sorts?

I have got

I have sent the proof

You were automatically promoted to member because you were invited to the Airport editing team, and when you left the team you were automatically demoted to basic user (as you were before)

But the member thing should have not changed right although I left due to some reason

Why? It’s automatic thing, you left - you lost member status, because you had basic user before you joined. When someone is invited to IFAET they get member status to avoid any issues with creating airport threads (if I remember correctly)

I left it but I didn’t get why my member status went. It should have stayed Right.

Now again to achieve member hwat all things would I have to do

how do I know what trust level I am in

It’ll also show it on your profile page when you click expand as “trust level”

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@Alexorlov looks to be correct here. As an editor, you’re granted TL2 for IFC editing-related category purposes. You never met the requirements as a result. So when you left an hour later after joining, you were removed from TL2 as you a) did not meet the requirements, and b) no longer had a reason to have it (again, back to leaving the editing team).

Hope this answers your question. Keep active, liking, commenting and such, and you’ll get there

It ahad been 6-7 months but still I am not in to2

It’s not only about how long you’ve been here, but also about activity. Looking at your profile, you have a few parameters that are really low. Even single digit low. That may be the cause.

oh ki will fulfill that

I finally got promoted

Well would you look at that. The irony of it all! Congrats!