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Dear staffs of IF, can anyone tell me how to get to a higher trust level, and what is my trust level right now thank you.


Hello there zhuTwentySix, I’m NemAir!
I am not staff, but I can help answer your question
Basically, trust levels grant you different abilities on what you can do in the community.
When you join, you are at Level 0 which means staff have to approve your posts and other limitations. Currently, you are at Level 1 (as you have the badge below) which gives you more rights, such as editing and flagging posts. There are also two other levels: Level 2 and Level 3. Although the exact requirements are unknown, if you engage with the community you should be able to get it. Please note that even staff cannot see your trust level progress. On top of that, the upgrade to Level 3 is manual, which means you need to be part of the community, so that a staff member will eventually level you up, there is no automatic way to do this. Some VAs may require you to have a certain trust level before you can apply.
For a more detailed guide on trust levels: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels
Please note that the requirements for InfiniteFlight trust levels are not exactly the same as the one in the link
If anyone notices any false information in my message, please reply to me

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Given that staff members do know the requirement, a quick look at your account should be able to give them a quick idea of where you stand on the automated trust level promotion system. They will not disclose this, however, to avoid any exploitation of the system.

Moderators are also able to give Regular to other users. Requirements are also not disclosed for the same reason as those mentioned above.

Generally, the requirements are low. I’ve not yet come across an organisation exclusively for those who are Members or Regulars yet. Basic can get you most places (IFATC comes to mind) most of the time.


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