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Where can I find my trust level in the community forum? I am new to the community (but long time infinite flight member) so what would be some good ways to “level up” the trust level or any sort of level on the platform?


Hello there! Welcome to the community. You can find your current trust level under your profile (top right icon) under summary.

Here is a link about trust levels and how they work: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

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I am on summary and still do not see it!
Since I am so new maybe I don’t have one and that’s why it’s not there?

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This is correct. You are currently Trust Level 0 (new user). Consistent activity will get you to TL1, and eventually TL2.

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Ahh okay thanks! I intend to apply for expert ATC and just started the process of becoming active on The forum. Thanks for the help!

I recommend you commenting more on the forum

make sure to read the community guidelines so your comments doesn’t get flagged.

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