Trust level

How I can up my thrust level on a forum. Help me please) Thank you)


Keep active and contribute positively. It shouldn’t take too long :)

Just in case, check this out:

And as for Discourse in general:

Note: The IFC requirements are higher than the standard Discourse ones. The 1st Topic above should help you out :)


Thank you)

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Of course! Let us know if you have any further questions :D

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To get a thrust level you just need to be more active, just like what was said above) I hope this helps you on how to get thrust level)


You can rank up to trust level 2, or “Member,” by being an active member of the community. Trust Level 3, or “Regular” requires a moderator or staff member to have granted it to you.

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Honestly I believe the only way is to be active and help people out and just try to gain more and more trust from the moderators and or actual staff from infinite flight

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