Trust level

Hi! I can’t seem to find what trust level I am on. can someone tell me where to find it as I need it for applying for staff on a va

Hi you are TL2 (member)


How long did it take you to become TL2?

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It depends how active you are on the forum. It took me about a month or so because the forum wasn’t really my priority and it’s still not.


Same here Lewis

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To answer the OP’s question, the Trust Level is visible under the profile bio:


Next to views.


I found it now


Thank you all

Still Basic here….😔
Oh God, it is a long way to requests an airline on IF. My purpose is just simple like that but after days spent on here. I realized that TL2 is just one foot step in, another foot is the voting numbers 😔. Long way ahead

Thank you very much I will do my best.

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