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Does anyone know when the read time and personal stats are updated as mine are the same for a hour now and i am trying to get Trust Level 2.


Hey there!

I recommend you take a look at this topic.


The Infinite Flight staff hide what the requirements are to get to TL2 to prevent Trust Level farming.
You can find more info in the topic linked below.

Keep posting and interacting and you’ll get there in no time!


I have read all of this but i wanted to know when stats are updated to see how much i have at the moment.

You can always look at your profile to see how your doing.

Y read my mind 😂

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Your stats should be right on your profile. This is what I see on your profile right now:

Also - no offense, but…why? If you’re trying to get to TL2, knowing an absolute up-to-date picture of your stats won’t help you at all. The requirements and stats have been kept secret for a reason: to prevent TL farming. No one knows what the mixture of required stats for TL2 are - whether they’re in a ratio to one another, or simply a “daily goal” thing or something else entirely.

Just keep being active, making useful and helpful additions to the forum, and you’ll get there in no time :)

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