Trust Level

I am still trust level one but I believe I have all the requirements for TL2. Here are my stats:
15 days visited
13h read time
138 topics viewed
2.1k posts read
59 hearts given
3 topics created
86 posts created
69 hearts received

If someone can tell me why I haven’t gone up yet that would be great!


The IFC trust levels are slightly different from those of Discourse from what I’m aware. It seems that they have done this to prevent farming.


The team changed the requirements slightly, and didn’t release those publicly to avoid people from TL farming:) Keep being active and you’ll get it soon


Do you have any idea how soon? I have been waiting for a while to be able to create my own live event.

No one would know. Keep being active and you’ll get there!

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No idea, soon can mean today or a few weeks:/ As i said be active, and helpful towards the community and members, answer questions that you know the answer too and help others:)

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Unfortunately not. Only time will tell.

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Ok, thanks :)