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Hi! Just wanted to ask where can i find the trust level i currently have, i’ve been searching for it because i would love to become an expert controller on the sim but i can’t find it.


Hey dude, welcome to the forum! (:

Currently, you’re TL0 which is a new user, so this won’t be showcased on your profile.

But, in the future, you can check your trust level through checking out your profile page, for example, here’s mine:

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 1.51.52 pm

Let us know if you have any more questions & welcome aboard once again! 😊


Thanks for the help!

You can also find it by clicking on you name on a post like this


Is there a way to like check your progress as you move up TL’s?

Nope. Short answer is that is disclosed to avoid “farming”.

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Just adding on to Asher,

A mod can see how close you are but no, they won’t tell you. If you really want to gain a TL then you will have to put your heart and sole into it and show some real dedication and be productive to others in the community.

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Thanks @Sashaz55 I just looked back to when I got promoted to TL2 and basically subtract that from about 100 and that’s how long. That’s my math;)
Also congrats on your promotion to TL3:)

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