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Hello, I can’t see my current trust level however I can see others. Can someone please let me know how to see or just simply tell me what I currently am?
I am trying to send a message however I’m unsure whether I might be to low of a rank to send one.

Hello, and welcome to the community @CJ2Wiclo!

You are currently a “new user” (TL0) ;)

Click on your profile, and then on the top right corner press “Expand” and you should see this.

Thats how you see your TL :)

Also, check this topic out for more info regarding different TL’s.


Cheers mate :)

The topics below will explain your question.

A Beginners Guide to the Forums

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

General Forum Guidelines

This doesn’t belong in the #support Category since there is no issue with Infinite Flight.

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cheers bro! :)

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When he first posted he was TL0 ;) He has been promoted to TL1.


Oh yea, I was realizing that and was about to fix my post, sorry :/.


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