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Hey, so I have been trying to increase my trust level. I have been posting on different topics, liked a few posts here and there on the topics, and you know just generally being active. I asked one of the developers like a month ago how to get to trust level 2. He said to be active, post of a few topics, and like other posts. If I did that I would be at trust level 2 in a week or two. Well, I have been doing what he said, and it has been a month. Is there something I’m missing here?


What you are doing seems alright. Have you made any topics or have you just commented? Try making something productive, that might help you. But other than that just be active and do the things that you stated above.

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See this post regarding trust levels:

You really do just have to be active and productive. There is no secret recipe.


Please see this topic for everything you need to know;

Also, this should be in #meta as it is related to the forum itself.

EDIT: Riley’s beat me to it… again!


I’ve made a topic or two

There’s a topic on what’s required for each TL.

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Unlike generalized discourse requirments, The Infinite Flight Comminity does not disclose specific requirements.

I’m a little confused. What do you mean by be productive? Isn’t being active being productive?

Productive means you are contributing to the community with helpful information and healthy discussion.

Just contribute to areas where you have something to add.

okay, got it. So just being active isn’t enough.

Yes, it can sometimes take a bit more than reading.

Use the community well and Trust Level promotions will follow as an added bonus. ;)

how do you create a feature request at trust level 1 though?

You are not able to do that. Snuck that in there on accident. The edited version still applies, though.

okay. So if I post a comment about the new update on a topic that is about the new update, would that count? Because I have been doing stuff like that.


That would count toward your activity but you are really overthinking it.

Rather than chasing the numbers and trust level,

okay, I think. I just thought I was already using the community well.

I’m not saying you aren’t. I understand your want to rank up — it’s great and I had it just like lots of others probably did and still do.

You will get there. :)

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I don’t think I made any topics to get to TL2. If you post good well liked replies, you should get there. There might also be a time requirement since you joined.

To add onto what @BobbyRobert is saying, you can also like posts to bump your trust level. Badges also up your trust level a lot and there are many badges for likes. ;)

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Trust me, it did take some time, but when I finally decided that I really wanted TL2, I got on every day, replied to threads, liking posts, and make a thread(I don’t make many threads, henace why there is no exact recipe), and I got it in seemingly no time at all. All you need is a bit of dedication, and you should get it.