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Hi guys just putting my thoughts out there.
I’m coming across a lot of TLx question regarding when there’s a level up or not. And I’m just going to ask you all, why? Can’t we just be a community where we don’t mind which trust level we are, instead being on here because we want to. I’m going to admit, it starting to feel like more and more people are on here just to gain some TL. Which makes me a little disappointed because that’s not why the IFC exists.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this and be nice in the comments!

Thank for listening and have a great day ya’ll :)


The point is to enjoy the discussion and IF as a whole!! Not TL farming…


Because people are obsessed with Beta so they can “get access” to the update earlier, and their extremely reliable sources, such as aviation6 say that you need to be TL2 to get Beta, although nothing has been confirmed or said by Official Sources of Infinite Flight, except the fact that it will be limited to certain users.


speculation 100
Not a credible source! Only trust official IF news. It’s not confirmed…


To be honest, I see where you’re coming from. Some people do try to TL farm their way up but honestly, after TL2, there’s no point in farming any higher besides to get a little badge. With that being said, TL2 is where people can get to enjoy discussion with little limitation. Anyone below has to go through the time to ensure they’re not a troll that may ruin the aforementioned discussion.


Usually people just want to get TL2, which is where most of active users eventually end up. TL2, for example, gives some cool abilities, like being able to post in #features and #real-world-aviation, as well as extra votes. There were sometimes extra incentives, like Open Beta for TL2 back in December, but other than that I don’t see it as necessarily striving for TL, rather, it’s just wanting the abilities and extra votes it gives.


Sarcasm 100


I agree with you. The reason your seeing a lot of people trying to gain TL is because for open beta of 20.3 you needed to be TL2 or above and people who were TL1 wanted to gain more TL to get open beta so they posted topics like the ones you’ve been seeing or spamming different topics like “what plane do you love” “who’s ready for the new update” “what route will you fly when the update comes” etc. etc. etc. etc. The mods will close any topics like this so best we leave it to them. If you see any odd topics that are irrelevant just flag them so the mods know. 👍


Is that why you’re here?

You tell me

Whoops, was supposed to reply to MrValcon. My bad 😅

LMAO, we’ve all been there, done that before

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Hello everybody. The community has allowed its members to browse and be in a reliable and safe place, for that, it is necessary to have a trust control of its users to avoid the misuse of the community. Unfortunately, there are people who are concerned with reaching higher levels to have them as a trophy. Thank you so much to reader.


Honestly, no. I’m on the IFC to see what my fellow pilots have going on in their flights on IF, their daily life and everything in between. I love reading discussions about wether a certain livery should be added to the 737 or not. It’s the small yet personal things like those for me. Thank you for your interest though! :)

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Exactly my point, yes!

Ah thank you for that explanation. Now I understand some of the lads and gals on here trying to get to that TL2. Appreciate the comment!

I did not even know that! Due to personal reasons I wasn’t very active during the winter season so had no idea that this was a thing. Thank you for giving me further insight on what their reason might be.


I didn’t know the IFC Existed either. Which you may feel a little bit better if you would be nicer to us.

🤭 most of the time I come here only to check IFATC airporf

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