Trust level Question

What’s after level 1 and 2

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Test level three…a spam dunk regular my friend.

Check this link out


After Trust Level 1 and 2, you reach Trust Level 3 - Also known as regular. That will give you access to edit titles of posts, and give you access to the lounge.


Does anyone know the requirements for TL3 after FDS edited the requirements?

After trust level 1 and 2 is trust level three which is regular. I pretty bet this is hard to earn. I see some topics that people lost their regular trust levels.

It isn’t that hard if you visit everyday :)

Well I get too many flags for being a regular. I actually got flagged today:(

Yes it’s a social experiment testing the leadership of random geeks when given rights to change people’s post’s titles.


Thank you this help

First flag is that I went off topic and my second flag is I posted something unnecessary

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My absolute pleasure my friend. Backed by Frontier VA I appreciate your gratitude. See you in the skies.