Trust Level Question

Hey everyone.

I was just looking at the requirements for the TL3/regular level on the forum and saw that all ‘criteria’ seemed to have to have been completed in the past 100 days. Is this similar to the IF grades where we lose the grade if we don’t keep things (such as landings in previous 90 days) up during the time period? So if we do not visit a certain amount of days within the 100days our trust level will be put back down to a lower level?

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The IFC doesn’t follow Discourse’s standards. Just keep being active and contributing and you will reach a higher trust level


The mods choose who is regulars, correct me if I’m wrong

They dont always choose. They can promote members who haven’t met the requirements yet if they feel like that person should be TL3. Otherwise it is just requirements you have to meet. We dont know what the requirements are because they dont want us to be active just to get to a higher trust level. Getting TL4 is only obtainable by promotion by a staff/mod

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Obviously not this forum as the requirements are a well kept secret locked away in a secret vault somewhere ;)


Have to say, I did not say they always choose ;)
I know the requirements are not public


Thanks for the replies everyone.

This post can be closed now :)

That vault is named the “@schyllberg Bribe Deposit Box”


TL3 is Regular, not member (that’s TL2)
Just keep being active and you will be there in no time!

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