Trust Level Question

Hey, just a quick question. When I became TL1, they had a link to more info about it, and that was on Discord. I’m just wondering if the requirements for TL2 on there apply to IFC or not

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There no requirements for TL2. keep reading, looking on the IFC once a point every day, and liking, and i’m sure you’ll get to TL2 soon enough.


The Trust levels published on discourse are not the same on the IFC. The IFC has its on list of requirements which are not published to prevent farming for trust levels


Thanks guys!


Just keep linking and liking to get to The TL2!
Good luck @Canadian1337!:)

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Key word for TL2 is “keep”. Keep reading, looking, voting, liking, living, entertaining, playing, watching, listening, running, walking, eating, drinking, working, shipping etc.

Yes, but it’s not all about the badge, rather, mainly for the for the enjoyment and appreciation of being a part of this community 😉 👍

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