Trust Level Issue

So I know and understand trust levels and I believe i am close to reaching trust level 2. The only problem is I do not understand this. Here on where it says understanding trust levels it says you must enter 20 topics in to proceed to the next trust level.

My problem is understanding this. Is it creating 20 topics? Or is it read 20 topics? (which I doubt it is.)

Sorry about my poor arrow on the picture. Lol

That requirement means that whenever you click on a thread that you haven’t entered before, that counts as β€œ1 topic.” Do that 20 times and you have satisfied the requirement.


IFC requirements for trust levels are different than those listed by Discourse, so that might not even be a requirement by IFC. Just keep on contributing to IFC and keep everything civil and you would see yourself on a new trust level! :D


Hello there! The requirement here is different than the default, but keep contributing.

Alright thanks. I thought I would have already done that πŸ˜‚

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Lol very ironic I JUST got trust level 2 one minute ago. It will come, trust me! It does take a while though.


Solved, thanks for the inputs.