Trust Level 3

Just a quick question on the trust levels, because I think I should be TL3 by now. Aaaaaaannnnnndddddd, before you type it, I have read this.
I just wanted to know if there was anything else I need to do before I become a regular?

Not make topics like this.

The Regular status is earned. You may get there eventually. “Just keep liking, commenting, and posting, and you’ll get there in no time!”


Try reading Why have I not reached TL* yet? :)


Those are not the rules used here in the IFC, the rules are actually kept away from the public to prevent people from TL farming. Just keep liking and posting and you may become a regular!


If you’re going to ask about the elite group of us, definitely don’t create a topic saying you should be one by now. You just lost points towards earning that. There’s a reason why there’s 59,000 community members and only 107 of us.


I didn’t create the topic with the idea that I should be one. I created the topic with the question of why aren’t I one. I just found out that the Discourse rules are different (In a way) than the IFC forum TL requirements.

They’re constantly changing the requirements. They don’t disclose them to the community for that reason.

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Once again, I didn’t ask for requirements, and I didn’t ask to be promoted to TL3. I was just wondering why I wasn’t TL3, because I was going through the old Trust Levels topic. Why have I not reached TL* yet?

Obviously because in the eyes of the mods, you are simply not worthy yet.

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If you would still like to talk about this, we can take this to a PM.

I also don’t appreciate your attitude towards a simple question.

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The IFC Mods recently upped their requirements, causing a ‘Regular Snap’, quite a few regulars lost their tag in that move, and I’m pretty sure that the requirements are still in place. I recommend just keep doing what you are doing. While making a topic like this, in your eyes may seem perfectly normal to ask a question about why you aren’t currently TL3, to others its not needed.


That’s all that was needed. Thank you, and have a good night.