Trust Level 2

How do I become TL2? I looked at my stats and the requirements for TL2 and I have all of the requirements but it still says I am TL1. Is there something I need to do?

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IFC stats are different from regular discourse ones, and they are kept private so no one performs Trust Level farming.

I referenced this in one of your recent topics, I suggest giving it a read.

The discourse stats are not the same as the IFC.

I believe i heard that this is also to prevent TL farming.

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@Squawk_7700 you have created like 5 or 6 topics today. Chill down a bit please.


Spamming topics is not the way to get TL2 :)

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I count 13 actually

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  1. Don’t try to meet the discourse original requirements. (Because as said they have been altered)

  2. Try to contribute in a positive and respectful manner. Posting topics without any content or replying “Yes, that’s cool” will not help you get promoted. Some users keep forgetting that Trust Level 2 is not an easy to reach rank. All you need to do is contribute and not to worry about your promotion. Prove that you are ready for a higher rank and it will come!


The actual requirements are different from the discourse requirements and are hidden by staff. This is so people progress to TL2 naturally and don’t just spam their way to TL2. You have created dozens of low effort topics today and that is not going to help you get to TL2. Be an active and supportive member the community to get to TL2. It takes time, but you’ll get there.

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All of the necessary information can be found in the great replies :)