Trust Level 2

Hey IFC.
I recently got TL 2 privilege and I was wondering what I can now do.

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Trust level 2 gains you access to creating topics in the #real-world-aviation, #live:events, and the #features categories.

Cool. Thanks. Can’t wait to host an event!

You also get more likes and votes :)

Congrats on your promotion by the way!

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Ok thanks so much

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Hi! Congrats on TL2😊. Adding to what Sashaz said you can also create group pm’s and add others to the pm as well😆.

Have fun!


Is a regular a TL 3?

Yes, basic is TL 1, member is TL2, regular is TL3, and leader is TL 4.


Yes a regular is a TL3, which can now only be picked by moderators

Ok thanks all

Your posts wont have to be approved by moderators!

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