Trust Level 2

How do I reach TL 2 ? Do I just comment and like other topics?


The exact requirements are known only to the moderators and admins however keep coming back to the forum, read posts, like and comment and you’ll get there in no time 🙂


is that it? because if that’s up to the moderators i don’t think i’ll reach it, let’s say that i’m not the moderators’s best friend…


I think that it is automatic based on likes and comments etc

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If you reach the requirements then you’ll be automatically promoted, barring exceptional circumstances.

what barring mean?

is getting suspended once count as exceptional circustance?

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The system by itself will grant you TL2 or even TL3 once you’ve active on the forum for a specific amount of time and done some great impact by commenting, liking and just generally visiting IFC. Your posts has to he relevant to the current topic, they have to be productive and constructive. Helpful posts that are in a for of advice are gretly appreciated too. Keep doing this and sooner then later you’ll be TL2.

Only under exceptional circumstances will you not be promoted automatically (due to TL Locking). If there is a prior issue then it will be best speaking to a moderator directly as they know the circumstances and can help you there 🙂

ok thank you

I would recommend search your topics before you post. I have seen at 10 other people do this in my 2 years of being here. Thanks

Hi! For more info about trust levels, see here:

Please search before creating a topic. This seems to be a constant an ongoing issue.