Trust level 2

How do u enter topics to get to trust level 2

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Just continue to be active and you will reach trust level 2 in no time:)


I have been active a lot and I’m not

You must be close then.

Ok I’m wondering cause I don’t know what it means to enter 20 topics

Just be an active member here and don’t worry about the numbers.


Enter 20 topics means you look at 20 different topics and read them. However these exact requirements are tweakable, and the IFC requirements are a lot more than the default set by discourse. Hope this makes sense 🙂.

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Basically, you gotta click on posts and read them. Get familiar with the community. Send likes. Send replies! You’ll be TL2 in no time at all.

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Here’s the TL2 requirements:

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Don’t worry, you’ll get there in no time. Be helpful and constructive and you’ll do it. I got TL2 yesterday!

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