Trust level 2

I’m sure there are the requirements for TL2 but I haven’t levelled up?!


I’m afraid that it’s random whether you move up to TL2 or not. I have been doing stuff for ages and I am on basic aswell. Don’t worry, I’ve just been told that eventually it will come.

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It’s really annoying, cuz I can’t post in features or for my VA

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Yea I know, but there’s no other way unfortunately. :)

This is because the requirements for IFC are different than the generic discourse ones.


Circumstances are different for some users.

This has been said a million times before. The requirements you see on discourse is not what it is, and no, it’s not random. Just keep working at it, and soon, it will come.


Here’s my stats…

The requirements have been slightly modified from the stock Discourse ones. They aren’t and won’t be publicized anytime soon. You’ll get there when you get there.