Trust level 1

I want to achieve trust level 1.
I’m looking for a guide, but I can’t see it.
Where can I find it?


I do not believe there is a specific guide as Infinite Flight have laid out slightly different criteria to regular discourse channels. I believe this was done to stop “grinders” from just working for a certain trust level. Just keep being active and like posts in the community and you will get there eventually.


Hello and welcome to the community!

The only guide available, which partially answers your question, can be located here:

Check the field where it talks about the Trust Level. Let us know if you need any other assistance! 😊


Thanks you!

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Thank you!

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Seems you achieved it, so… congratulations! 🥳

Yay congratulations

Hello @dncjfwjd,

Here is a GUIDE about Discourse trust levels. While here on the IFC, some of these requirements may differ, this should give you an idea of what to expect at different trust levels, and once again a guide on how to achieve them.

Keep on posting and being active and you’ll get to TL2 soon! 😊

Congratulations on getting TL1!