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Hey everyone, my very first post here. Reading through the requirements to become an ATC in the expert server, the first requirement is to have trust level 1… What does that means? where can I see my "Trust level?. That’s the only requirement left I have on the list and after that I will probably apply to become an ATC in the expert server!

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You just have to be active in the community and you’ll get trust level one

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Hey there!

Getting TL1 on the IFC is pretty simple. What you have to do is be active on the community such as replying, liking, and reading on the IFC. I can’t wait to see you join IFATC soon!

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Your Trust Level is shown on your account underneath your callsign and VA/VO affliation.

Using my account as an example, the Trust Level being Regular means that I am TL3.


However, TL1 and TL2 would be “Basic User” and “Member” respectively. To attain those ranks, all you have to do is to remain active in the community, and the promotions will come eventually. Continue liking, commenting and engaging in an overall positive manner, and you’ll be well on your way to TL1.

I look forward to seeing you join IFATC soon!


If you want to become ATC and control airports on expert server… here’s the link below…

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Thanks everyone for the fast answers! I’m really looking foward to become and ATC in the server and getting involve in this community!

Have a good day guys


Good news, you are now a TL1 user which means you can apply for IFATC! Best of luck in the process, and if you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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You too! Enjoy. Feel free to PM anyone to ask them a question and or make a topic and ask the question there.

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Welcome onboard!

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