Trust Level 1

How much do you have to respond and like before you get to Level 1?


You are already at Trust Level 1. Congratulations!


You are currently TL1 (basic user). Next Trust Level is TL2 (member). I will only advise you to keep being a constructive member in the community and you will reach the TL you like in zero time. You can read more about the the community Trust Levels requirements below:


Cool well then I can get in with IFATC then!


🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ That’s ok. Thanks for answering me though. I’m not going through all of that. It’s just too much. Everything else I have squared away and am only missing this one tid bit. What it takes to get it I’m not caring for. So thanks again. You can remove this thread. 🙂


How can I tell what level I am?


Your at TL1 (basic)


Thank you for that


How do I get to TL 2?

You just need to be active, contribute and be a constructive and helpful member of the forum. You can read more about how Trust Levels work in the topic I have linked some posts above.


Thank you. I’ll be on more often

To check your trust level, press you profile pic and look under the section ‘badges’, it should tell you what you’re at!


Just keep contributing to the community and don’t worry about trust levels, everything will come if you do not worry about it.

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Why do we worry so much about trust levels on the IFC anyway. We’re all here to share our ideas and thoughts and not to gain a certain trust level like it’s a game. I think the mindset about trustlevels on the IFC should change or maybe the developers should get rid of it because it almost feels like it’s a competition to a lot of people…


Totally agree with you


You are answering to the wrong question here. The answer you give has already been given 2 months ago :)

I wouldn’t call it a competition. Being promoted to a next TL only unlocks some specific things, like the #features category, or it gives you more likes per day.

Take as an example the aforementioned category. The Trust Level gives you time to check all the guidelines and basically understand how the community works so when you reach TL2, you don’t create a duplicate topic.

I believe that reaching TL2 is the “higher” rank a user of Infinite Flight can reach. Regular though means that you have been here for a long period of time, have knowledge of everything that has to do with the community, and be able to assist new users of the forum (and many more). I agree with you though that people should not take it as a competition :)

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