Trump's Arrival to KABE - 5/14/20

Hello everyone!

On May 14th, President Trump had a short visit to a medical distribution center in Allentown. This was my first time spotting a presidential aircraft, and it was very exciting. It was also my first time spotting at KABE.

Enjoy the following photos from the spotting trip!

09-0017, a VC-32A, arriving on RW24 with President Trump on board.

President Trump departing KABE, after a very short visit to the medical distribution center in Allentown.

99-0062, a C-17 arriving to KABE, and exiting RW24 to pick up President Trump’s motorcade.

An interesting approach of four V-22B Ospreys, arriving at KABE to pick up who I believe were secret service officers, after they assisted in Trump’s visit.

16-3259, a VH-60N, departing KABE.

One of the four V-22B Ospreys departing.

The final aircraft of the day, the C-17 departing KABE with the president’s motorcade onboard.

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Let me know what your thoughts are on the photos! Have a good day :)


Wow! These are some awesome photos!

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You got the whole Presidential operation here. Great photos!

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Woah, that’s a lot

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Yeah great photos of all the planes That are involved in moving the president and making sure he is safe not just the presidential plane.

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WOW! Thats cool.

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Awesome photos. Great job!

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Thanks you!

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Yeah it was very cool to see all the presidential aircrafts!

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Great photo’s. Hopefully those landings were butter.

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Thank you! I was pretty far from the touchdown zone… but the landings were pretty smokey for sure. ;)

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Wow. That’s a lot of aircraft and organisation for a quick visit.
Very cool photos 👍those V-22B Ospreys look really cool.

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Where do you go spotting at ABE? I have tried but I couldn’t find anywhere!!

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Thank you!

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Here’s the locations:

If you want more info, message me. :)

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2 Days later:

Hey Byran: Why is the FBI here?

Byran: …


Thanks! Is that near where the truck depot is?

when the president is using air force 2 plane, is the plane callsign air force 1?


Yes. (Ten characters)

Whenever the president is on board the aircraft, the call sign is Air Force 1. Air Force 2 is used when the Vice President is on board.