Trump vs Boeing

I think we do need a new 747-8 special con af1

Maybe we’d be able to pay for it easier if Trump had payed taxes…

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Taxpayers are still going to be ripped off.

I read that they opt for the 747 over the 777 or 787 because of its four engines. Two can fail compared to only one of the twin jets.

Well the B747 could be fine with 3 engine failures and fly with one but obviously its not ideal

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Obviously Trump is going to stick with an American company because he wants jobs back in America (non-political just a catch phrase ;) ) Point being is I think that he’ll probably do some business tactics that he did with his business with Boeing, eventually I think we will see the US government and Boeing come together for an agreement on a slightly lowered price. But he obviously won’t go for a foreign manufacturer such as Bombardier, Embraer and yes Airbus

It’s not his choice but the conditions are it has to be made in the USA which Airbus won’t do as it’s not financially viable for them

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True, it’s not his choice so really unless if McDonnel Douglas reemerges from the dead by Boeing or Lockheed Martian makes a modern day Tristar, I think if options are realllllly limited… unless if he wants a Cessna 172 lol

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The 747-200B is an old plane, I think that it is time to replace it. We should have the best for the head of the United States. Plus there is no way that the 200B is anywhere near a fuel efficient as an 8i. I have never seen a problem with paying taxes either, so let them upgrade the plane. I’m just proud that it will be American made unlike a lot of other things.

Yes but thats not the argument right now it is based mainly around the cost that taxpayers will pay for the planes which are pretty extreme and likely factoring extra unnecessary costs that will benefit Boeing and rip off the taxpayer

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Most of the cost of the plane does not come form Boeing, but from the Air Force upgrading the plane for theirs and the President’s needs. And the plane is maintained by the Air Force which has a huge budget, under the DoD. Therefore I do not believe the taxpayers should worry about the cost.

Actually, Mc Donnell Douglas Wasn’t really that dead, They merged into boeing so MD is Boeing

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Yeah I know that Boeing practically bought out MD to shut it down as a competitor

Most of the cost is actually from Boeing and the modifications done to Air Force One are done during production I belive likely within the money given to Boeing and they will contract the work out to other companies, not worry? Im not American but if my taxpayer money was being spent on something that could have been far cheaper then I also would be annoyed

Good, he’s cutting down on how much we and the government spend.


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