Trump vs Boeing

Donald Trump was just elected president, a little while back he posted a tweet bashing how much the new Air Force One (747-8 made by Boeing) would cost. He said it would cost “4 billion dollars”. This new Air Force One would be replacing the currently used 747-200B which has been flying for almost 30 years. I personally think that we need a new plane. What do you think?

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Yawn, cutting edge technology, and low cost does not mix. Give the Boeing lobbying group in Washington some time to work their magic and we will see a contract.


So here is how Boeing is gonna get there contract get rid of trump and with solve a lot of things


Trump doesn’t want a new plane. But other people do.

I honestly think they should go for something more efficient and somewhat the same size but smaller. Maybe the 777.

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i dont think the 777 can accomodate all the “inflight mansionliness” that the current 747 has

The AF wants a 4 engine aircraft because of multiple engine back ups. That’s why they only chose between the A380 and he 747-8i

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Air Force one should stay forever it’s one of the most iconic planes in the world.

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To America


i don´t agree…a president need always the best technologies. Upgrading the 747-200B to a 747-8i would give them the opportunity trying out new systems.

Good for Trump calling Boeing out on the growing price of that plane- it’s getting ridiculous.

They’d be better with a 777 or 787 IMO. Proven plane that they can churn out much quicker and easier.


Exactly - the issue wasn’t the replacement as such, rather the price. The 747-8I is the perfect replacement.

The engineering consultant pay rates are eye watering even by the high rates demanded by “regular” engineering contractors.

ATW quoted some engineering groups were quoting $500 per hour per engineer, as opposed to a more normal level of $150.

The cost of the engines initially didn’t include any level of discount, and rumours have it Boeing bumped UP the basic aircraft list price before any engineering discussions took place.

I agree with Trump, make a healthy profit from a complicated job.
But don’t rip off the tax payer and expect people to be fine with Boeing chanting the patriotic slogans and PR about AF1 being Boeing / all American bla bla blaa.
No one respects corporate greed on this scale.


Everyone moans about Trump with these tweets but as far as I’m concerned it’s worked and as soon as he does them the share prices drop immediately so it’s great that they will actually not rip the taxpayers off hopefully with Trump in office. Boeing make billions off government contracts and they rip the government off drastically wasting taxpayers money.


I say trump should deck out his 757 and make it have what Air Force One has. Make it Trump Force One.

Tbh A 747 as a Government Plane is just overkill. Even for the “greatest” (haha I couldn’t resist laughing there) country of the world. The Swiss Government for example “only” has two Falcon 900s and a Citation and still we have no problems getting around the world.

Then can’t they also choose from the A340?

They’ll go with a U.S. company.

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I think they might want to just go with the new 747-8, the current one is old and I don’t like those wings on it. Or they need a presidential Cessna 172…

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I think they should replace it with a 787, Lol. ( Joke)

I agree it’s like how the UK has a converted A330 ex military plane but let’s be honest the US is the biggest and most powerful nation so I do see a need for a plane like Air Force One

😂 reading these comments are hilarious. Trump isn’t against a new AirForce one, he’s against the 4 billion dollar price tag. Same with the F-35 not against the plane but the cost which is astronomical. The day after he called out both, we where assured of a price reduction. Also note the U.S. won’t be flying an Airbus at anytime in the near future.