Trump heading to Youngstown regional, any spotters going?

Like the title said, any Ohioans heading to Youngstown-Warren regional on Wednesday this week? Air Force One will be landing there, I may try and head up to get some shots. Anybody else going?

Not shots as in gun shots…Pictures. lmao.


@npetranek you live around those parts ?

Will there not be a certain radius off limits at the airport? Don’t they have SS guys there waiting and patrolling etc, to stop any potential threats?

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I went to CAK a few years ago when Obama flew in.


I’m sure there will be a no fly zone, at least when he takes off and lands.

Police and security at every highway underpass, all on ramps and off ramps are blocked, police lining roads and highways near him. Police helicopters, SWAT teams, snipers, all over.

But sometimes they have an area spotters can go to sit and watch. Further at point usually, loads of police by it. When I went to CAK there was a blocked area. We had heavy screening and got to go in this area where we could take pics of the plane, etc.

Secret Service tends to stay close to the president. The more distant things are covered by other government guys or local police, SWAT.


Why is the POTUS heading to Youngstown?

He is just landing at Youngstown. A lower profile airport. Idk what he’s doing in Ohio though

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lol Obama’s helicopter landed at my hometown airport a couple years ago, yes 90% of the police were there, but people were standing right at the gate/fence taking pictures and filming (which would’ve been about 30 feet away from him)

They don’t stop traffic for AF1,he just has “VIP authoritiy”

Actually there is always a TFR wherever Air Force One is landing or departing. There is even a “rolling TFR” established over presidential ground movement.


I can assure you they stop traffic for AF1, even commercial aircraft. Check out VASAviation’s video of Obama landing at Reno. All flights grounded and frozen until further notice.


Temporary ground stop.

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Let’s re-evaluate this phrase again, then you can reconsider that statement.

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