True North, Strong, and Free @CYVR

An Official Air Canada Virtual Event


On this Canada Day we will be celebrating the freedom that flying brings to Canadians! Please join Air Canada Virtual in celebrating Canada Day by participating in our celebration of our true north, strong, and free country.

Our flight will be taking off from Vancouver and heading towards our nation’s capital, Ottawa. On this flight we will be featuring two of our most popular heavies in the beautiful AC liveries!

Join us on July 1st as we take-over the Canadian sky and celebrate both our amazing nation and airline! We hope to see you there!

ACVA pilots: You do not need to participate in the two scheduled flights below. Flying anywhere within Canada on Canada Day will earn you the 3x multiplier!

For this event, pilots will be flying either the Boeing 777-200LR or the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 to our nation’s Capital, Ottawa. This event will be led by the ACVA Staff team.

The following are the details of this event:

Server - Expert Server (ES)
Aircraft - B77L // DC10
Livery - Air Canada // Canadian Airlines
Event Date - 2023-07-01T22:00:00Z2023-07-02T02:30:00Z

Ready to reserve a spot? Please follow the format below:

IFC Username
Member of ACVA?


Domestic Terminal Gate 44
Member of ACVA

We ask all participants to indicate whether or not they are a member of Air Canada Virtual as well

Gate Aircraft Pilot ACVA Member
Domestic Terminal Gate 44 B77L @co-pilot-goosey Yes
Domestic Terminal Gate 46 B77L @flyinggoosey Yes
Domestic Terminal Gate 47 B77L @BenjiTheBull No
Domestic Terminal Gate 49 B77L @George_Schmidt Yes
Domestic Terminal Gate 50 DC10 @DJW No
Domestic Terminal Gate 51 DC10 @CypTic Yes
Domestic Terminal Gate 52 @Evan Yes
Int’l Terminal Gate 53 DC10 @Arnav_G No
Int’l Terminal Gate 54 @Nowee_playzz
Int’l Terminal Gate 55 @United403 No
Int’l Terminal Gate 58
Int’l Terminal Gate 62
Int’l Terminal Gate 64
Remote Apron Stand E1
Remote Apron Stand E2
Remote Apron Stand E3

We are also looking for IFATC controllers. Please let us know in the thread below if you would like to control, and on which Frequency.

Zone Controller
CYVR Ground
CYVR Tower
CYVR Departure
CYOW Tower
CYOW Ground

Information including Flight Plan and suggested Weight and Balance will be posted in this thread on the day of the event.

Hope to see you all this Saturday!

Air Canada Virtual was founded in January of 2018 by Sean Hickey. He brought together a team of 5 individuals from many different VA’s with many different talents. Within 5 days of opening, we had over 25 active pilots and were immediately making an impact in the community. In June of 2018, Sean decided that it was best if he moved on and put the VA in the hands of Nate. Since then, we have made many staff changes, updates & more all for the improvement of the VA’s quality by following the saying, “quality over quantity.” That is something we believe in and stick to every day as we add things to improve this VA!

Now going onto 5 years in the community, we remain committed more than ever to improving not only our own VA, but the VA community altogether by enhancing thoughtful dialog and cooperation.

Our Thread - Pilot Application - Our Website

Special thanks:

@Evan | @flyinggoosey | @TorontoFlyer | @co-pilot-goosey | @JulietTango | @FireCracker


Domestic Terminal Gate 46

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Domestic terminal gate 47
Not a member

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Domestic Terminal Gate 51

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Domestic Terminal Gate 50

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Domestic Terminal gate 52
Not a member

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Domestic Terminal gate 48

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Domestic terminal gate 50
Not a member

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Sorry I can no longer come

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Nevermind just kidding

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Sorry, but I don’t think I will be able to make it to the event.

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hope I can make it

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I’m not part of ACVA

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🇨🇦 🎂 Happy Canada Day Pilots! 🇨🇦 🎂

We are so glad you are choosing to celebrate Canada Day with us! Join us as we fly from the home of the Canucks to our nation’s capital! Today we will be celebrating the freedom that flying brings to Canadians. If you are an Air Canada Virtual pilot, you can file this flight as ‘EVENT’ and use the multiplier code 135860 for 3x flight time.

🛫 Event Information🛬 :

Aircraft: B77L or DC-10

Flight Information:

Flight Time: 4:00
Altitude: FL390
Climb: 250KTS/315KTS/Mach 0.83
Flight Plan: Copy from Air Canada 005VA
Fuel: At the pilot’s discretion

Please remember to maintain 10-15nm separation while in flight. Follow all ATC instructions if present. Flight communication can take place through this thread. See you in the skies!

-KeAnn, Events Manager, Air Canada 005VA


Thank you to everyone for joining our event in celebration of Canada Day! ACVA Pilots don’t forget to use the multiplier code 135860 when filing this flight for 3x flight time! A special thanks goes to @Ecoops123 for the great ATC service out of CYVR!! Enjoy the rest of your Canada Day🇨🇦 🎂 🎉



I actually coincidentally controlled this event without realising 😅, but happy Canada Day to all, and it was great being able to see a ton of traffic at Vancouver!


Thank you for the ATC service!!!

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