True cross country flying, VFR only. As real as it gets (on an iPad)

Took the SR-22 up today to try my hand at cross country planning to see how well I did. I was pleasantly surprised with the accuracy gained from doing every aspect of the flight plan by hand - fuel, weight and balance, the route, reading wind charts, using the E6B and course plotter, and all the math involved. And then to apply it in the sim and see that it all works out with very little error margin. It’s fascinating!


This belongs in #live.

That’s quite interesting. How long did the flight planning take?

Love it! Bring me great joy to see someone flying the truest form of VFR. Pleasant break from those who say they’re flying VFR by turning on NAV mode and heading direct while leaving their device.

Thanks so much for sharing!


That one realistic flight you got! Great Effort and Great Pics!!! :) 🥳

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First attempted plan (which I didn’t end up flying), took about two hours. But that was because I was learning. The next one, shown here, took about a half hour.


Lol, thanks to the folks at IF for providing me a means to an end to apply a concept I just started learning about in my part 141 training program. Can’t wait to plan one in real life now, I feel a bit more used to how to do it!

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what’s the exact definition of VFR? Is it hand flying only, or is AP without flight plan still VFR?

Visual Flight Rules.

Flying primary by reference to things outside the airplane (ground objects, landmarks, etc.) as opposed to relying on instruments and following a flight plan.


It’s awesome to see pepole fly VFR. I am also sometimes flying VFR, but i am making my FPLs with Skyvector so it takes less time.

Sweet…that chart looks…interesting…that must have been fun to plan 😉

TBH unless you have a yoke or something like that using tilt for any flight just hurts your neck.

@C150_driver, MaxSez: Finally a true Aviator shows his
stuff ! Wizzweel, Charts, protractor etc the tools of the trade.
Well Done Driver. Almost anybody can RNav, Push some computer buttons, extract a pre-planned track etc. Your efforts noted here are representative of the true skilled professional of the old school. “BZ”, Well Done,
You’ve earned this hoist:
Respectfully Max


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