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As you may all know, Ukraine is currently being invaded by Russia + it’s very underrated so I decided to show everyone its beautiful secrets and hopefully people will start taking screenshots in this beautiful country. Please take note that this shot is edited lightly with Photoshop Express and Snapseed.


Pic #1

Route: N/A (Unknown) - N/A (Unknown)
Aircraft: B737-900
Flight Time: N/A (Unknown)
Server: Solo Mode

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No one would want to vote no
Everyone would want to vote yes!


Are you challenging me 🤨

I’m just joking, awesome shots @Haydentheavgeek, I love the scenery in this one! I hope that Ukraine’s people are able to stay strong through the war, and may none of them lose hope. 🙏


Blue is my favourite colour and yellow is good to match with it. Ukrainian flag is one of my favourite flags🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦. The airline colours are wonderful.

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Thank You All For The Positive Comments!

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Incredible shot! I love the Ukraine livery on the 737, and the scenery is awesome!

On a serious note, please refrain from mentioning the war in Ukraine here. I don’t think the mods (or whatever they’re called) would like it that much.

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I think it should be okay because I didn’t talk too much about it (only half a sentence) :)

Anyways, thanks!

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Yeah, you do have a point there. I think you’re alright.

(And no problem!)

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ima be honest, Where that place AT Though?

Beautiful Picture!

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Some people voted no. Don’t know why

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Beautiful shot! This is a tough time for the Ukrainians and we must pray for all those effected by this 🙏


It’s taken at a lake near Ukraine called Syvash Lake

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Thank You For All The Positive Comments! I Highly Appreciate It!

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Your welcome nice post

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