True airspeed indicator

I think it would be great if Infinite Flight integrates the TRUE AIRSPEED to aircrafts. I only see ground speed in my panel but imagine integrating the reality of density air as we go higher or down. TAS is very essential when flying

Hello there!

This would belong to #features. Sadly, you need to be at TL2 to post there. As soon as you get there, feel free to create a feature request for it!

You can find more about Trust Levels and categories here:


I was thinking there’d already be a feature request for this one, but strangely not. I would personally like to see it as well. (Some aircraft profiles on different EFBs and sites use TAS as an input. There are calculators out there, but it would be a nice indicator to have in-app.) I would probably run afoul of the formatting cops if I tried to create a feature request for it though, as I’ve never done one.


Yeah you right. I use third-party calculators but I don’t know if that works on infinite flight. For example: I don’t know if I’m going to get to Point B quicker if I climb up to 39,000 (as it should be) but I don’t know if that applies on infinite flight with the air density, etc etc.

Well, I can tell you from experience that the higher-the-faster theory doesn’t work unless there’s significantly more tailwind component higher up, at least using ground speed as a reference. Maybe TAS is different, but once you’re locked in at a Mach number, there’s a couple things working against your GS (possibly TAS) as you climb higher. At least in my experience.

I guess we could play around with this calculator, but still be nice to see real time:

Simply try it out, it’s not a problem for an experienced user like you are to create a feature without any issues.

You say it doesn’t work but in infinite flight, right? Haha

Couldn’t you just minus the wind from your ground speed and that’s your TAS?

But what I’m saying is having it in-app without me calculating it (with I don’t mind to do it but you know what I mean)