Truck tilt on solo mode

(**This is NOT a feature request)**I know what you’re thinking, eh… That’s not possible its not in the game yet, well if you simply put the gear up in solo mode with the B787 for example, then you press replay, and you press ‘Live’ at the point where the gear tilts, it’ll be stuck at truck tilt. Here is an example:

Incase your wandering, it is possible to land with truck tilt. I also tested this with the A330 but the gear did not tilt, the A380, but the only the front gear tilted and the B747 which I think looked the best:

Although some aircaft are not able to land, the planes that are able to land are: the B747 & the A380.I thought this was pretty cool as it gives us something to try until the next update. Please dont come rushing at me with comments like ‘oh this topic is pointless’ ‘this is so irrelevant’ this is something that I found was really cool and I think you guys should give a shot to!


If it is there it’s probably an accident:-/

I’m pretty sure no aircraft is able to land with this bug - the gear is not actually there; just an animation. It’s not a “physical feature” until it’s actually locked.

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I’m not so sure if the plane can land properly with that position. As it wasnt fully deployed. Although I wish to see Truck Tilt in the future so it can be more realistic


I’ve only tested this on water with the B787, B747& the A380.

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I´d say there already was a topic about this. Correct me if i am wrong


Yes you are correct, I’ve already heard about this…

I can only find a feature request on truck tilt.

@SingaporeAirlines Hope my pic blows your mind 😂

@Darth_Sidious Thanks it worked ! tho i did crash.


Yep, I tried landing on a runway as soft as I could and i think it is safe to say, it is only possible to land on water and a runway with the A380.


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