(Troubleshooting) Mixture bug

Thanks! But it didn’t work for me.

The replay file here won’t be of any use. You need to do an external recording of the issue while it’s happening “live” so you’d need to use your devices internal recording of simply record a video of this happening with another device.

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Levet, thanks again for your support!
I share the video and all the details for troubleshooting now.


Device: Huawei P20 Lite / Android 9
Infinite Flight Build Number: 21.8 (1879) B5060E7C

In Video I also did what you did in your video but as you see for me it doesn’t change.

I just recorded with one prop, but just like I mentioned, I have the exact same issue on all planes that has the mixture feature.

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Excellent post now, this will surely help the devs investigate! Glad to help :)

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