(Troubleshooting) Mixture bug

Hello there, whenever I touch and change the mixture, the percentage bar stays visible and there’s no way to get rid of it. I can even move the slider (just moves, doesn’t affect to mixture, to change the mixture I have to open the panel and do it from the engine screen).

So, if I ever decide to change the mixture I have to fly with this annoying bar all flight long. I tried to change the camera angles, turned of the panel hiding feature and tried many things but couldn’t fix it. I even researched on the forum last night but seems like no one shared this issue before.

Hello, I was able to reproduce this however, I think you tapped the Map button and Mixture simultaneously. I simply tapped the Map (Globe) button once more, then I tapped systems, then lightly held my finger on Mixture and it disappeared.

Tapped Map and Mixture at the same time

After tapping Systems and lightly holding Mixture

Hi Levet, thank you so much for your help. I just tried. I noticed the problem doesn’t occur untill I turn on the map. But then I did what you just said. It is constantly blinking.

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If you press and hold Systems for a second, does it stop?

Edit: I meant, tap Systems then short press Mixture.

no, nothing changes it stays in the same place. Sometimes blinks sometimes stays stable but doesn’t dissapear.

Yes I did many times I even cleaned the cache. Don’t you have the same problem?

I will try now to see if I have the problem

After I press Mixture for 1 second, it disappears from my screen.

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It is not only on Cessna 172 but I it also happens in XCub, Spitfire, P38 and Cirrus mixtures.

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when I do it it gets stuck then I move it and it goes away. When is stuck I can also move it up and down, but it my case it does change the mixture.

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Have you restarted your device?

Yes, mixture changes if you do it on systems tab (not from the bar that stays there) But it shouldn’t be there visible all flight long

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Yes I restarted and even reinstalled 2 times

Yes, I do know this and you are correct. What device is it (I don’t know if that changes anything but it might).

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Also, this may just be something a staff/developer needs to help troubleshoot, because if you have done all these things and it is still doing it then something only they can fix may be wrong.

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I think so, becausse to me it seems like a bug from game not from my device because this is the only problem I have in Infinite Flight, everything else work smooth and perfect. Is this topic enough or I should issue a troubleshoot to devs somewhere else?

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Yes, this topic is good. Staff/developers are always monitoring this category to help out. They will be on here soon helping you out!

In order to further help with troubleshooting please provide the following information.

Device Make
Device Model
Operating System
Infinite Flight build number

If you can, record a video, post it to YouTube (You can make it unlisted) and then share the video link here.


I’ve posted an example here:

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The videos in infinite flight are in .replay format, is it possible to upload that to youtube?