Trouble with Trim and Elevators

I’ve been flying in simulators for a while, but can’t figure this one out.

I’m having trouble keeping any plane in IF level when flying. Typically, I will take off and the plane will then continually “bounce” up and down. I attempt to use the trim, but it still keeps doing it and I continue to “calibrate” my iPhone.

In other flight simulators both on my PC and iPhone, after I take off, I can level out and literally fly straight and level without any “bouncing.”

I need help!


Go to settings — controls and adjust sensitivity and see if it helps


What plane were you using?

Welcome to the IFC.

Have you got a VS or altitude set on your AP?
Also, is there any high winds @bill4518?

Sometimes these factors can cause bouncing ;)

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There is currently a bobbing issue on the A320 and 777, until it gets fixed the best thing to do is to put your V/S A/P to 0 if it’s happening at cruise with the autopilot. Like what @Luke_King-kong mentioned turbulence and high winds can also cause your aircraft to move around a bit

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Hi Bill,

Are you now able to fly straight and level?
Welcome to the IFC btw :)

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