Trouble with my Infinite Flight Account

Hello, I’m experiencing some problems with my Infinite Flight account, where my pro subscription is not showing up.

I was in beta, but had the re-download to update to the new 20.2. After it re-downloaded, it asked me to sign into my Infinite Flight account. I signed in using Google, and it is saying I’m don’t have a pro subscription. I restarted the app, and it asked for the same process again. It asked for me to sign in, and the pro subscription is still missing

I’ve tried restarting the app and device, and the problem still occurs. Every time when I open the app it asks for me to sign in, and my subscription does not show up.

I have an iPhone SE 2020, currently on 20.2.

Sorry to hear.

Could you try by tapping “Get Pro” → “I already have an account” → “Revert to store account”.
If that doesn’t work, please get back to us with your last known callsign and we’ll see what we can find :)

I can’t find “revert to store account”… there is a “revert to default account”. Is that it?

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Yes. That’s correct.
It looks like it should be working now? :)

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Yes! Thanks for the quick help! This can be closed now…

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