Trouble with live

Hello, I have recently bought live and it’s not working properly. It’s very fragmented as it keep jolting this obviously made me crash while has made me lose standing and xp. Also the speed limit didn’t work I was going at 10knots and it kept telling me to follow speed laws of 35knots. Bit disappointed and a waste of money to be honest.

Please include device and operating system.

Hi Calum, how does your system respond when in Solo Mode?


We would love to help you, but you didn’t provide much to go on.
Please provide the device make and model. Current operating system version verified first to be the most current available.
What color is the connection status indicator at the top right corner?
Are you connecting via WiFi or cellular network?

Also this sounds more like a network connection problem than anything else, but again without more specific info, it’s near impossible to be sure either way. :)

Some things you can try first that might just fix the issue would be to close all background apps, restart the device, and lower the show aircraft count live setting.

If it’s not a higher end device it might be a problem with the various graphics settings all being set too high.

PS - The taxi speed limit actually works fine. You have to be aware of your ground speed, not airspeed. You could be traveling on the ground with a low airspeed indication but your true ground speed is actually far higher.

Thanks in advance. :)

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David to the rescue!! :)


In addition to David’s post, the 35 knots speed warning is given to you when you are exceeding 35 knots ground speed. 10 knots airspeed can be 35 knots groundspeed if there is enough wind. :)


Lol…I see you were thinking the same thing I was… :)

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Yeah it is okay in solo mode

If it works fine in Solo mode then I suspect you are getting a weak signal from your internet provider. I can typically play my iphone via the phone tower data link in areas without 3G and 4G with no real issue. IF isn’t a data hog compared to other online applications. Check your device for connectivity. Let us know how you get on.


About Your speed maybe that was Your airspeed