Trouble with Joystick connection to phone

Today I just got a package and in it was a usb to lighting adapter for and iPhoneXR. I plugged everything in and the controls aren’t showing. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong or if this can even work???


Do you have a laptop or PC?

Unfortunately, you can’t plug your joystick (I’m assuming you’re trying to connect the controls via wire to your phone) directly into an iOS device because of restrictions placed by Apple. I ran into the same problem and have to use Live Flight Connect to be able to use controls with my iPad. So, a direct USB connection won’t work and I would try installing the software for Live Flight Connect, if this is the issue.

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Yes, but the connection with pc usually disconnects because of the area it’s in in my house there is bad WiFi. Although right now I’m trying to connect it from a joystick through an adapter to plug into my phone.

Would I have to install this on pc?

Yes. You would have to plug your joystick into your PC and install the Live Flight Connect software on the PC as well. Then, as long as your PC and phone are on the same network, they should connect. For setting up the software, refer to the topic in #tutorials Here’s the link for the tutorial to set it up.

Is there any noticeable lag to joystick movements?

I haven’t experienced any major problems, but it sure is a significant improvement to using motion controls.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Yeah, on my pc

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This should help you if you still haven’t solved your issue.

Thank you!!

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