Trouble with inputting GPS coordinates on IF

Hi All,

Been trying to create some flight plans for transoceanic flights (more specifically RJTT-MMMX). But I seem to be having some trouble with entering GPS coordinates.

I have been using FPL to IF, which uses SimBrief to create flight plans suited to IF, and GPS coordinates like this show up:

I try to enter a coordinate such as 50N180E in the format of 5000N/18000E, but it just doesn’t work. Does anyone have any solutions?


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If you type it out individually, it won’t show up. Have you copied and paste the whole flight plan into the search bar?

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Sorry, but how would I do that?

On Simbrief and Flightaware there should be a button showing ‘copy flight plan’.

If you copy your flight plan then go into the search bar of the map in a flight session, you can ‘add’ or ‘replace flight plan’ where it will paste and load in all your flight plan in one easy piece.

Are you trying to fly over the pacific?

Well, yes it would be over the Pacific. But the post above from @Ecoops123 should help.

This should help I had the same problem

Thanks very much!

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