Trouble with buying the 30 day subscription

At the moment is there a problem with buying the 30 months for 5 dollors cause when I try to buy it says error id anyone can help that be awesome or a tip

You mean 30 Days?!?!

Please give us more information to help you

Hi there @BismarckGuns ,

Thank you for contacting support as we are here to help. So I’m trying to gather your question here. You are having an issue with purchasing a 1 month subscription? What device do you have and operating system? Kind Regards, Chris


The 30 Day Live Pro is $9.99 and is not $5. Do you have the lastest version of Infinite Flight?


Do you have the old version of IF? If so the live subscriptions have been discontinued. If not the month subscription is now 9.99$


Yes I have the latest version and I did not know it’s 9.99$ thanks for the
info I’ll contact back if there are problems


Im operating with a Samsung galaxy iPad fire my supscriptions say for a month it’s 4.99$ and I have the latest version installed and the 4.99 is for 30 days so I reinstalled it but it said the same thing unless it has something to do with my Google account I don’t know what is wrong.

Not sure exactly what you’re trying to say here, because you just listed no less than three separate devices…

But based on the price you say it is, you have an unsupported device.


Just delete this whole topic cause I than shall just play single player if this is not gonna turn out to be helpful thanks for all you said but it seems the blame goes on me sense I don’t know what iPad I got

We want to help you, but to do that you have to provide some basic information like what device model you have. Otherwise it’s pretty much impossible to help you.

It’s like asking a car mechanic to help fix your car, then he asks what car and you don’t know… Turned out to be a bicycle.


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